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KEVINB’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Mar 2009

MapWent for a walk early this morning along the coast. It was about a three mile walk along this paved running/walking path that winds in and out of the cliffs. There were tons of people running and walking along the way. Hit the beach for about an hour and then caught a ride to Sydney to pick up my rental car and head to Newcastle.
Trying to find my way out of Sydney was quite the ordeal. Between crappy directions from Yahoo (they failed to mention a few key things), driving on the wrong side of the road and driving on the wrong side of the car I think I actually cheated death a couple of times. When I finally arrived at my Cabin at about 5:00 I was just glad to get out of the car.
I took the ferry over to see Carley and to see her come running up to me made it worthwhile. We went to dinner and had our first beer together (I am father of the year).