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KEVINB’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 29 Mar 2009

Location: Stockton/Newcastle

MapDecided to lay low a bit today and recharge the batteries (kind of what Tom and Gerry do every day). Another beautiful day...started the day with a run....then went to Stockton Beach which is about 50 feet from my cabin. The water was warm but the sharks weren't feeding so it was OK to swim. Late in the afternoon took the ferry to Newcastle and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring a bit. There's an area called "Bather's Way" which is a series of man made pools cut out of the rock and beaches.
I then went back to Stockton and took the "Shipwreck Walk" which is a walk along an area where there were several shipwrecks. The one that has the most still remaining is the Adolphe a 300 ft ship which wrecked in 1905.
Tomorrow I'll be meeting Carley for coffee in the morning and the flying to Melbourne.

I've added a few more pics to the Sydney 3/28 page