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KEVINB’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Mar 2009

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapIím now in Melbourne. Landed today about mid-afternoon after having coffee with Carley. As luck would have it the clouds were coming in just as I was leaving Newcastle. For $5 I took a bus to the Newcastle airport (beat that price back home). Melbourne seems to be a really nice city but different than Sydney. This city is centered around the Yara River as opposed to Sydney which is surrounding a harbor. Itís a bit cooler (70) than Newcastle/Sydney. Iím at the Crowne Plaza which is right on the river and right across from a casino. I took a walk over after dinner to see what it was like. I found out it was just like homeÖyou lose your money playing the slot just as fast. Tomorrow (Tuesday for me) I get picked up @ 8:00 am for my trip along the Great Ocean Road and hopefully if the weather is good my helicopter flight above the coast and the 12 apostles.

Thatís all for now