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helenkerry’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Apr 2009

Location: Adelaide, Australia

MapHello there dudes and dudetts, all is well here, the weather is the only thing letting the side down! Flights over were ok, long but ok, arrived early Friday morning and got to Karty's around lunch time, I took a shower and then he arrived home from work, we sat with a beer and caught up. Probably not the best idea, beer with the length of time I had been flying, oh well! Just the start of whats to follow.... We went out for a little while, but I was tired so went home for an early night. Saturday we went to Victor Harbour, a lovely little place about an hours drive away, had some fresh fish just off the beach, can you imagine! And then went to place called Goolwa and fell asleep on the beach, this beach was like nothing I have ever seen, I went on and on and on. However we still managed to fall asleep. Beautiful. We went out with some of Karty's work mates tonight and drank way too much, oh happy days! Sunday we had a BBQ at next doors, it was fab, they are great people, very entertaining. Evan the guy wanted to take us and show us some places, it ended up being an attempt at a pub crawl, however his wife Sandra had had enough and wanted to go home so we just did trips round the car parks! Karty and I were trying our hardest not to laugh but you know how it is when you try hard. We went to see Notoriuos at the cinema tonight and now all Karty sings is Notorious.... Help me please! Monday, Karty dropped me in town as he had to work and I wandered around, once again discovering just how big this place really is. He came to get me after he had finished and we went to a German village called Hahndorf. Ate way too much and went home for me to teach him how to play shit head. He loves it as everyone does, I let him win a couple of times!!!!! Tuesday, today, Karty had to work early so he left me sleeping and when I woke it was 12.00 midday, all I appear to be doing is sleeping, oh well I guess I must need it. The sun is finally shining so I sat out on the lawn for a while, he came home and took me to Glenelg. It is lovely, walked for a couple of hours along the coast and got nowhere, perfect, sat and had a beer, home and then Karty came home, we have just had a yum yum chinese meal and I think we are heading home for some more shit head, bloody marvellous, keep well H x