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Laura and Caroline’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Jun 2009

Location: syney onto kiwi lands, Australia

Mapso sunday, sunday, sunday ... well little old me was just minding her own buisiness on the computer when i hear "DUDE AHHHHHHHHHHHH" from my normally conservative *cough cough* sister laura .... yeah so as it happens we got to sydney a week early thinkin we were flyin out in two days not actually not flying out for a week and two days, silly ol' us 'ey ??? naturally i found this hillarious but apparently laura did nay think so .....
so here we were pondering on our situation do we stay, do we go to new zealand early , or what ? and then laura had a bright spark so we emailed a friend we made back up in cairns who lives in melbourne and we're like yeahhhh lets go visit her. so we waited and waited cos katrina doesnt check facebook very often and in the end we got in contact with her and so its off to melbourne for us on thursday night !!! sadly for us this means two more nights spent curled up on greyhound seats in sleeping bags for 12 hours each way :( very sad times !!
so wot happened in between i hear u ask ... well not much actually we went to more touristy places , ate more, drunk more and had a jolly old merry time. it was quite good really we got to know the people in r hostel really well cos we were there for like a week so it was good in that sense and we'll get to see them all again cos we've got one more night there before we do actually and properly fly to new zealand next tuesday
so until next time folks ill leave u with laura for the next entry .... ....