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Laura and Caroline’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 Jun 2009

Location: Paihia (Bay of Islands), New Zealand

MapSo we eventually managed to get ourselves onto the right flight on the right day (no mean feat for the 2 of us!) and made it over to New Zealand. We spent the first 2 nights in Auckland and had a wonder round visiting the sights. Managed to find a Canterbury Rugby shop with some pink rugby shorts, these will be debuted by both of us next season :-) On Thursday we caught our first Kiwi Experience bus and headed North to Paihia also known as the Bay of Islands. Its a small seaside town with something crazy like 144 islands just off the coast. Very pretty but its really windy up here, keep getting blown away!

Today we went to Cape Reigna which is the most Northerly point of the North Island so we can add that to the list including the most Easterly part of Oz! Was a cool day trip cos we got to sandboard, basically involves throwing yourself off of a massive sand dune on a boogie board and hopefully stopping before you get to the stream! C and I defo had great braking skills cos neither of us wanted to get wet! Managed to go for a dip in two diff oceans in 1 day, the Pacific and the Tasman, not gonna lie b oth of them were freezing!

Anyways tomorrow we heading off on a dolphin spotting trip and if we see them then we get to jump in the water and join them :-) so hopefully we find them but we will let you know!

Laura and Caroline xx