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Laura and Caroline’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Jul 2009

Location: Waitomo, New Zealand

MapHey all!

Loving the Kiwi Experience bus! Its awesome! Loadsa great people and doing loads of cool activities! Finally got some sunshine today after 7 days of rain and what are we doing.........heading underground into caves! Haha! Stupid or what?!?! Booking a skydive for tomorrow afternoon and then hopefully we will get to fulfill a dream of ours......and climb into the fires of Mount Doom, where the 1 ring that rules them all was forged :-) yeah! Last night I went to a really cool Maori experience evening. THey come out and do perofrmances of the Haka and loadsa other traditional dances and then fed us an enormous feast of a meal all cooked in underground ovens (note to dad - i think you need to learn how to do this!!!). Caroline meanwhile enjoyed FREE pizza in the hostel (I was a little jealous but pls dont tell her!)

Hope your all enjoying Wimbledon! Be back with some pics soon!

Love Laura and Caroline