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Laura and Caroline’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Jul 2009

Location: Lake Taupo, New Zealand

MapSo after the most action pacdke 24 hours of my life Im having a little rest and thought I would let you know what we have been up to!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, the first with no rain and as you know from ydys diary entry we decided to go caving! The adventure was awesome! It started with a 40m abseil in the pitch black fitting through a pretty narrow hole, from there you were attatched to a zip wire and went for a flying fox through the dark over the river running noisily underneath! Then it was time for hot choc and cake :-) Happy days! From here we jumped about 10m off of a platform into the river in our giant tubes to go for some black water rafting (much more sedate than its white water cousin!). We floated along looking up at the glow worms, pretty cool! From there we went for a float on our backs along some rapids, very cool! I was then launched backwards over what i thought was a huge waterfall but was luckily just a slide built into the water fall, phew! We crawled through a few smaller caves, very cool! Then began our ascent up a long but quite shallow waterfall, Caroline and I thought it was all over then but when we turned the next corner and saw water rushing down we realised that actually, no we hadn't yet even started climbing the 3 waterfalls that we needed to do to reach the surface! Trying to climb with thousands of gallons of water gushing in your face is not easy at any time but when your wearing a wet suit and some very (un)cool wellies, it really is impossible! I nearly lost a shoe but luckily our guide saved it for me! Was really incredible, well impressed with both of us! And as you can see the pics are pretty cool!

You would have thought that we had had enough adrenaline after this but the following afternoon having arrived at Lake Taupo we decided that it was time to throw ourselves out of a plane from 12,000 foot. Unfortunately for me I was the last one into the plane and everyone knows that means your the first one out ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Sitting on the edge of the plane waiting to jump was possibly the closest I have come to wetting myself since I was a little girl, Im not gonna lie about it! Free falling for the first 45seconds was just INCREDIBLE!!!!! We could see Mount Doom from up there and all sorts, was just wicked! Scared the living daylights outta me when he pulled the chute cos it slows you down so quick but I guess thats kinda the whole point of the chute?!?! Did some cool formations in the sky and just generally had a great slow tumble back to earth! Very glad that my bottom is soooo well padded cos i landed on it pretty heavy :-)

So tomorrow we are being a bit more sedate and going on a walk....that will take us up 1,850metres and include a visit to Mount Doom. We are hoping that we find Aragon not Sauron :-)

Speak soon

Laura and Caroline