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Joel Stewart’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Apr 2009

Location: Turkey

Map4/21/09 - Holiday?

The main tour guide's main statement is that this is "NOT A HOLIDAY - I CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND THE WORD HOLIDAY ANYWHERE IN MY BROCHURE!"

I have forgotten the date, I have forgotten what day it is, and the only real important numbers is how many days left and how many KM we will be on the bikes today.

It seems that everyday or every other day he adds another degree of difficulty in the riding. Traffic one day, hairpin curves the next, traffic and hairpin curves the next, wind to pick you up off the bike on hairpin curves the next, cold the next, cobblestones the next, wet cobblestones the next, wet cobblestones going down hill the next. We have had the best weather one could hope for but the story is in a couple of days the rains is coming - and probably it will come with hairpin curves and traffic.