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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Jun 2009

Location: Up the Centre, Australia

MapHi Everyone.We are hoping to take off Wednesday am all going well .We meet up with Cheryl and John at the Lakes at
I cant believe what chaos that I am in trying to remember everything and get the caravan packed and ready for travelling.
Dale is doing his last days work and I am buying groceries,picking up scripts from the chemist and cooking last minute things to take with us.
I am cooking tea with all the vegetables that I can use as may be a few days before we get a nourishing meal again !!!!
I hope to write this journal as we travel and when we have coverage with telstra will join you with our antics .
We will miss all our friends but will also enjoy our travels and new experience's along the way - - - - - after all thats what life is all about !!!!
bye until next time Maureen and Dale.