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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 Jun 2009

Location: Streaky Bay

MapHi We are now in Streaky Bay after 4 days travelling on the road.
Day 1 we stayed overnight at Karalee DamA beautiful spot we we lit a fire and sat around talking and drinking a few tipples
Day 2 we stayed at Fraser Range at the beginning of the Nullabor and we are now experts at lighting campfires.We`earlier stopped off at kalgoorlie and visited that amazing superpit where they are digging for gold- - an incredible place.
Day 3 we stayed at an overnighters 80 k's west of Mundrabilla- a gorgeous spot met a lovely family travelling East to see the snow they had a small combie van and 5 boys !!!!
Day 4 We stayed at moondyne Rock near the Nullabor roadhouse and we now light the best campfires ever !!
We have had chats with Carolyne and Paul. We wish that they were with us.If they win lotto we will pull up and wait for them.
The weather is freezing at night and now we are in a proper camp Cheryl and I have done the washing. The restaurant is great 1 dozen oysters for $10.50 and they are huge Guess who wants them !!!!!
Started to feel human with a heater and proper shower useing lots of water.
The crops are all in around here and look quite healthy.
The park is on the waters edge and we have pelicans just outside our window- - i love the tranquillity of the place.
We will stay here a couple of days. Had a call from brother Ross and a chat with Amanda she is probably having life on her own with Kayla.Off to bed now nite nite.