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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Jun 2009

MapHi Well Im sitting here trying to remember what we have been doing !! We had a lovely trip here through Iron Knob and arrived in the caravan park which was filling up nicely.Got a chance to catch up on washing and John and Dale have been tinkering with CB radios and odd things that men do !!
Cheryl and I went shopping and looked around the shops buying a few bits and pieces and the usual food shopping.
I checked my lotto and got 3 and the supp that wont be buying too much thats for sure.I was hoping that we had won at work but JR has said it jackpotted I guess it had to as there are quite a few of us at comms and makes it easier for us to all leave !!!
It was great to get a phone call from Toni (I think she would like to be here with us !) Shes getting Craig into training ready to travel !!! Good luck Toni
Missing Carolyne and Paul being with us still sounds like Carolyne is getting about so thats good.
Thanks Jayne for letting me open my pressie early most appreciated xx Now I just have Pats to open on the day although Amanda has given hers to Dale to give me so thats two I can have on the day.
We have really enjoyed your lollies and chocs Carol they are great while we are driving along.
We drove around town today and called in at the Wadlata show in the town its very informative and teaches one a lot about the area and how it was before mankind very interesting.
We head off to Woomera tomorrow and Im so looking forward to Coober Pedy it sounds interesting.We have met so many interesting people ( well you all who read this know how much I like to talk !!!!! )
Great treat for dinner this evening oysters at only $8.50 per doz opened who can resist ??? Well actually Cheryl,John and Dale can !!!Thats great all the more for moi !!!
Im missing my friends and will miss going with Janne to the Eagles although what a team this week glad i wont be there in that respect poor Nik Natanui !!! Any way Good luck Eagles(you need it !)
Good luck to Collingwood as well Ha ha
Bye for the day Maureen and Dale(who is siting eating chocolate