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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Jun 2009

Location: Coober Pedy

MapWell today have been spoilt.Opened my presents from Amanda and Dale.A lovely gold bracelet from Dale and a lovely chloe wallet from amanda Both simply gorgeous.Spoilt.Opened Pats and Jo and Gregs as well and I tell you I will be doing scratchies forever !!! Have so far won $26.00 and still lots to do !!
Today we visited an opal mine ,underground houses and a gorgeous underground hotel.We saw an underground house and saw how they mined for opals.The poor early settlers certainly did it rough quite daunting.
The opals are so beautiful I dont think that I have appreciated just how lovely and varible that they can be.Have remembered to take photos (okay Carolyne !!)
The town is so dusty and dry and yet the locals seem quite happy there and settled here miles from anywhere.
My phone has had so many messages today and its nice to be so remembered.Thank you guys as you know who you are.Thanks.
Better go as Dales waking from his nanna nap Bye for now Lizzie x