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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 Jun 2009

Location: Coober Pedy

MapWell what an amazing place this is unbelievable you have to see it just incredible.
Today we visited an underground camping park where Cheryl purchased an opal necklace and earings she brought them with her winnings from the pokies.The camp was amazing and the temperature underground is so ideal with a constant temperature all year around.It gets up to 63 degrees in summer and very cold in winter but there inside underground houses remain constant.
We also visited "Fayes" house simply amazing 3 bedrooms and even a bar and well stocked wine cellar.(Thought of Toni when I saw it !)She (Faye) chipped away the rock and built the house herself at first then two other women helped finish it.It even has anindoor solar heated pool.I feel she must have been an amazing woman.
We then drove out towards Oonandatta to see the Majestic breakaways and saw the dog fence (we know it as the rabbitproof fence) which runs for 9000 plus miles through the state and into WA.
Have taken lots of pics.
The locals are so friendly and seem to love living here and when they talk about the town become quite passionate.They are proud of their acheivements and rightly so.
Tomorrow we head out even further to the never never and have got more off road camping to do.We are full with water and stocked up for food so we can eat and shower.
I had a wonderful birthday and Cheryl,John and Dale made it really special for me.Had oysters for dinner at the restaurant and had messages from all the family and of course all my friends.Drank a fair bit as well.
Im still rapt with my Eagles!!What changes there !!!!!
Im actually missing you all and wish you could be here seeing all this.Chatted with my Amanda last night- -- really missing my baby !!!
Well better get to bed more miles to travel tomorrow and everyone in the Park seems to be asleep.Goodnight x