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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Jul 2009

Location: Uluru (Ayers Rock)

MapWe left Coober Pedy and left during the most amazing dust storm.Havent seen anything like it before in our lives.The trip was really difficult at first but then Dale and John are both really experienced drivers and after travelling a few k,s the weather changed to warm pleasant and the wind dropped saving us dollars on deisel having no head winds to contend with.
We camped off road 80 k,s south of Kulgugin and had our usual camp fire and we had a super night swapping tales and rembering absent friends.(Carolyne and Paul would just love this )
On arriving at Uluru we were pleasantly surprised at just how modern and oasis like the place is.We got two lovely spots together and settled in under the suburb splendour of that magnificent rock.Being here surpasses all expectations and it will be something that we are all glad that we have visited.
The Olgas are very impressive as well. There are dingos,camels and many many tourists.The place must be raking in the sponduli thats for sure.
Everyone who knows us will be pleased to hear that both couples have been getting on so well especially considering how close one gets in caravan living.
Last night was very pleasing to hear from our son Craig he sounded quite perky and it was great chatting with him.Its usually toni who is the one keeping in touch !!
We sent a photo of the rock via phone and of course it was dear Toni who answered.Thanks Tone.
Tomorrow we are heading off to the Kings Canyon finally to Alice Springs (Cant wait) so until then Bye for now xx