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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 04 Jul 2009

Location: Alice Springs

MapAfter leaving Ayers Rock we headed off to see the Kings Canyon Dale was so keen !)It was not as great as we anticipated owing to the fact it is all so dry with no rain you never saw the waterfalls. We did however do the walk it was about 6 k's taking us about an hour ( fit old dudes eh !!).The rocks up close looked like those slate tiles people used to put in their kitchens only they were all stacked up on each other.The flowers were lovely with a wild holly with a cute little red flower really took our attention.The leaves were little miniture holly leaves only without the berries.
We saw camels by the side of the roads and horses dingo's its really the outback.
We have seen lots of Eagles pity ours couldnt take to flying as they do !!! Saw we lost yet another game on the road----- only this time to bottom of the ladder Melbourne
We had an uneventful trip this morning to Alice Springs and I have finally realised a dream and seen for myself "A town like Alice " I read the book when I was a child and seen the movies about 5 times in all different versions.
We havent seen much yet and as we are here for the next few days should see lots.It seems to have lots of huge rocks and is miles bigger than I ever imagined with the Todd river being bone dry and a group of aborigines were sitting in the dry dusty bed drinking etc.
Dales spent ages trying to pick up foxtel(not sure why !) as we dont really find time to watch TV.Tonight is getting cold so its heaters (thank goodness for power !!)When we are off road its hot water bottles and red wine.
Dale is moody and cross as the Eagles have lost !!!!!I bet hes not alone can imagine Paul - - say no more!!!! - - - John doesnt care.
Better get some tea.We are eating well I have even cooked roast chicken(with stuffing).
Love getting Jills emails and her Coro updates are really welcome.Pat says Carolyne is missing us- - -ditto- -
Dales sister Raewyn would adore to paint the scenery here its an artists paradise.I think Janet would as well.
Better get that tea Bye for now x x x