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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Jul 2009

Location: Alice Springs

MapAwake early this am after a lovely first day in the Alice.We drove around and visited an Anzac lookout which looks all overAlice Springs from all sides.We were thrilled to see that The Ghan was parked in the railway station so we drove down to take a closer inspection.Its a lovely old train and so long ,never seen so many carriages on a train.It woud be a once in a lifetime trip on it thats for sure.
We came to a decision that Cheryl and myself did not want to go to the truck museum so conned the guys into dropping us off at Lassiters casino.All who know me know which I'd rather do !!!!!Ha.
Cheryl is a bit of a gambler as well if fact it was her idea- - - bet that surprised you all.
On entrance to the casino I had a voucher to pick up for a meal there courtesy of brother Ross for my birthday (wasnt that a touching lovely thought) Cant imagine why he thought I'd be going to the casino !!!
We had a marvellous time there sitting in a bar watching footy,taking keno and having a few wines!!.We were getting pretty high on the wine when the men joined us we were well on the way !!!When they joined us they were raving about their truck musem so isnt it lovely were were all happy!!!
They seemed to get quite settled as they are civilsed there and let you smoke this pleased both John and myself who enjoy the odd ciggie.
The fun then started by John winning $86.00 at keno,Dale and Cheryl winning on the machines YES everyone even Dale !!! He collected $51.00 on the machine.Great stuff Dale.I did really well on roulette(but then that wont surprise my friends !!!)
We then watched footy there (not that an eagle fan is talking football this week !) The Dorkers blew another good lead as usual .We then went into the restaurant for the best steaks we have ever tasted.True Northern Territory beef.It was just lovely and even tasted better with Ross taking the tab.We thankyou Rossie.
Today after doing loads of neglected washing we are off to visit the Fying doctors outback centre which is someting i have looked forward to doing.
Rang my dad and emailed my mum yesterday and Dale rang his mum.
well better go and make a start on the washing pile.. Talk later