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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 Jul 2009

Location: Alice Springs

MapWell I think Alice Springs is a delightful little town only not as little as I had previously imagined.
Yesterday we went to see the Flying Doctor headquarters and it was so interesting.I enjoyed it from a previous nurses point of view and from a current communications person I found it great to see all the equipment rangeing from the old time equipment to the current day state of the ark equipment.
We all purchased lots of souvenirs from there and all money goes to help current day running costs- - - We all certainly helped the cause !!! in fact had to have another visit to the bank to cash ourselves up again.
We had lunch at the Flying doctors cafe and then ventured to The Old Gaol and Pioneer Womens displays.They were so enligtening.The early women settlers certainly did it tough----poor things it must have been a living nightmare and yet most seemed to outlive their menfolk and go to forge great lives for their children and themselves.
We have taken lots of photos so we will have happy memories of our trip.
Today its 3 weeks since we started out on our trip its terrible how time flies when one is on holidays isnt it.
Its hard to get any peace to write sometimes with the others itching to get out again(not that I mind Id hate to miss out on anything!)If only I had taken typing at school it wouldnt be such a laborious task !!!!!!!