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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Jul 2009

Location: Alice

MapHI Its another lovely day in paradise.Cheryl and I were offered jobs yesterday there are at least 600 job vacancies in this town and they are desperate for workers.We have been given an extra day at the park as Cheryl and i hit it off with the part owner here.It was a great feat as they are booked out for the next month.
Dale cooked a roast on his Cobb cooker today but he`was a little unhappy with his damper effort as he overcooked it (polite term for burnt !)His roast was excellent and Cheryl did the veges.I was queen of leisure !!! and loving it.
We went again to Lassiters casino for dinner last night - - its more like a friendly club than a casino.Cheryl and I shared in keno and won 80.00- - very nice I also had a machine that popped up a win of $160.00.
This morning Dale and John went to an exhibition mainly suited to the male of the species so Cheryl and I did what women do best and went shopping.when we arrived home Dale had the roast cooking- - husband of the year material there.!!!!
This afternoon we will fuel up the car and the fridge !!! ready for heading off again.
See you whenever bye for now x