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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Jul 2009

Location: Threeways Roadhouse

MapA big decision has been made !! As Cheryl and John are leaving us we have done a big turnaround and decided to head East to Queensland !!!! Bet that surprised you all.!!!
We have had just a wonderful holiday with Cheryl and John and both couples feel really sad and we truely have had a wonderful time.
Last night was simply amazing We were sitting there having our usual and a lovely man (about my dads age) approached us and we started a great night.His son and daughter were arriving from Darwin and we all got introduced etc- - a teacher from Euchuca,General manager from Northern Territory tourism,and a nurse from Alice Springs.
Joe (his name) has lost his wife 10 months ago and is travelling around in his van Jabiru.He is spending time between his 7 children.He is heading to Euchuca and wants us to visit- - we just might !!!
Well we had a great night with so much hilarity and we will probably remember it for the rest of our lives.Its amazing just how friendly everyone is we just cant believe it.
When we left this morning we stopped off and looked at The Devils Marbles which was a lovely spot and quite amazing.We then saw the lovely park here at Treeways and Cheryl and I begged to stay there and our lovely guys said yes - - - how could they refuse such lovely wives !!!!
Dale has just phoned Ron and Jan our bridesmaid and best man and told them to expect us !! They live in Queensland.We are all excited as we havent seen each other for yearsI have yet to tell brother Ross that we will be seeing him !!!