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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Jul 2009

Location: Queensland Border

MapWell after saying our sad goodbyes to Cheryl and John we are now on a new leg of our journey.Hear that the Eagles put up a good effort yesterday (perhaps if they had played Seaby and Nats in the ruck it would have been different)Why dont teams learn you cant play injured players.At least they werent like the Dorks what a pathetic performance.I hear that Janne took Jo (even she wasnt enough to spurr them on !!!!)
When we entered Queensland the road seemed just the same and we stayed at a little park near the border.Today we head to Conclurry.Dale is really keen to get to Longreach.
So far its been miles of nothing but at least there are more homesteads around.We were wondering how Cheryl and John were. Dale was talking to Paul - - - hes glad we havent done Darwin as we can all do that together as a trip when they get organised.It seems funny to not have Cheryl to talk to thats for sure. May get time to write tonight as we are now setting off