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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Jul 2009

Location: Cloncurry

MapWell a lovely trip today we have struck beautiful weather and we travelled through the Leichardt ranges seeing lots of cattle and lots of poor dead kangaroos ------the poor little things.Its a cruel world isnt it as they cant have been dead 5 minutes and the eagles are swooping (they are a magnificent bird arent they)?
The road here is really lovely and wide and with the big trucks having 3 trailors its quite scary.Lucky Dale is such a good driver!!

Had a call from Toni lovely to hear from her and had a call from Carolyne that was most welcome.Its lovely to have people keep in touch.Also had a message on facebook from Maggie and Patricia.Jo texted and loved the footy she used my ticket (Dont get used to it Jo I'll be back!!!!
As one drives along there are lots of termites hills they make quite a picture.Must be hard work building them all.
Im hoping to see Jack and Shirley as well while we are in Queensland.Jayne thinks that outback Queensland is great so hope shes right.