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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Jul 2009

Location: Longreach

MapWell here in the middle of nowhere we have seen the fabulous qantas museum and planes.We even got to climb on top of a jumbo gosh they are huge and the upstairs part is really high.You could climb out on the wing But gave it a big no - - too high and too much of a woose !!!I took lots of photos and will endeaver to get them posted when I get time.Dale is lying down now after eating a block of chocolate and a big lunch.We had a steak at the cafe at qantas John would have loved it a big steak is his forte.
The town is quite quaint and a bit old fashioned did a bit of shopping and a look around.
Feel a bit sad today as its the anniversary of my nannas death.Still I guess all my bros and mum know that.We all loved her so much.
Kayla had news of her scan and heard the babies heartbeat - thats good to hear.Miss the little minx.My hair really misses her as well. !!!!
Beter go have a couple of postcards to write .Bye for now