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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Jul 2009

Location: Mitchell

MapI have just noticed that all I typed yesterday didnt save probably was too cold !!!We were at Tamba and stayed overnight there without unhitching the van.The temp was -2 overnight !!!!!!
These roads are now very bumpy and not that enjoyable for driving on except that the scenery is changing all the time which makes for interesting driving.
Cant even remember what I wrote although remembering commenting that Dale still hasnt got red dirt all over his rig which is what he is dying to do ????(Must be a male thing !!!)Cant really understand it myself as he spends his whole life keeping our vehicles and caravan in pristine condition !!!
Anyway today we went for a walk under the traffic bridge on a footbridge to have a swim in the hot pools.It was just so lovely with the birds singing and sun shining just the two of us in the whole world (romantic eh )We then got to the pools which are really lovely and we had a hot swim sitting there talking to other travellers swapping stories and ideas- - - I was the youngest in the pool !!!!
When we got back to the van it was back to reality and I got the washing done that has been building up and we had a lovely dinner of pork chops fresh from the country butchers.
Actually as i walked back from the laundry I noticed the smells of all the meals cooking ranging from bbq's to rice stir fries to my own roast chops quite tantalising really.
I sat down and caught up with some postcards trying desperately not to keep repeating myself as i wrote them.
Had a call from Janet yesterday and today calls from Carolyne and Anthea .Carolyne and Paul are going over to Cheryl and Johns tonight so I guess they will catch up with all our news.Missing my female company with Cheryl as we enjoyed our times sitting behind the bars of different pubs !!!!!
Dales phone has just gone its Jan we are seeing them tomorrow cant wait!Hope she doesnt think Im too fat as shes got a super figure!!!!
Better go for the day Bye x