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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 19 Jul 2009

Location: Dalby

MapAfter another day bumping along these dreadfully bumpy roads we finally have decent roads and we have finally met up with Jan and Ron.They just look the same and its hard to believe its been over 20 years since we have seen them.We both felt as if we'd never been away from each other so long.They have been moving about all the towns over here following the work.They are still both working- - well then arent we all !!!!One has to work to live.
Its a dear little town bigger than I imagined and has a big river running through it that actually has water in it !!!
Saw the Dockers and Brisbane play last night not sure if we will see the Eagles as they are playing Port Power and theres no connection over here where they are rugby mad (yuk) The All Blacks were on and we did see them beat the Wallerbies(with their NZ coach and a maori deputy !!)Traitors.
We are now going out to see the power station where Ron and Jan both work.If I dont get on again which is probable as Jan has the day mapped out we leave for Brisbane and see brother Ross and Avis.We then see brother Geof the next day with his new friend Sue.
Had good news from Donna yesterday shes moving in with her new man- - -that was great to hear.Bye for now