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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Jul 2009

Location: Brisbane

MapWell we are now in the Big Smoke.Poor Dale negotiating his way here with the caravan on the back through countless roadworks and traffic detours !!!He really is an amazing driver.I sat there terrified.He said he managed because I didnt open my mouth !!! - --- - - I was too scared to !!!!!!
Anyway the GPS did very well and we arrived safely without incident.
We went out with Ross to The Two Pines club and we couldnt drag Dale away - - yes Dale !!!! He had hitched himself to a winning machine and didnt want to leave it.
On our way here we passed through Toowoomba which must be a city as its so big.
It seems to be on a hill and the road out is very windy and very very steep but luckily its one way roads making it so much safer.Seemed like we were back in NZ again.We didnt make any stps as we couldnt wait to get here.We unhitched out the back of Ross's so we still have our own bed which is very important !!!Dont I sound old ???One gets these little foibles with age.
I actually had a message from Jill C which was lovely and a call from Amanda who is coping really well and I think enjoying having the place to herself.
Well Im off shopping look out as I havent touched my pay and its payday again this week.Here I go Bye for now