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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 Jul 2009

Location: Chanelles Birthday

MapHappy Birthday Chanelle Hope that you have a lovely day.
Well today was a horrendous flat out fast trip to Surfers.Goodness that bridge over the river is high !! There are roadworks just evrywhere in Queensland just amazing.You can certainly tell that the PM comes from here !!!!
Its great to catch up with Geof and meet his new friend Sue.Seeing Jack and Shirley was just lovely.Saw the photo of me when I was 9 years as their bridesmaid. Dale got a bit stressed out driving to find this place as we were following Ross and Avis and their GPS put them wrong !!I think it ended up that Ross gave the wrong street name to Avis !!! Dale also didnt like the sound of the van brakes squealing !!A job for tomorrow (he knows whats causing it )
Uncle Jack had made us supurb sausage rolls,and Shirley made a beautiful salad with a lovely recipe that I cant wait to cook for all my friends and we ate overlooking surfers paradise beach on the 7th story.Even helping with the dishes there is great with that view !!!!Dale even went into the surf it was so hot.Poor Geof and Sue nearly melted !!!
Dale is in bed watching a dvd and soon Im having a shower and an early night is on the cards.Last night missed a call from Craig so rang back terrified something had happened !! (Felt like in that phone add when one of the kids phones the oldies !!) It was lovely to hear from him.Loved chatting with Caro,Jayne and Janne today- - - Amanda rang too which is becoming more frequent I am delighted to say.Shes even sent photos of the vege garden and Kayla in her new security jacket !!!
I have fingers crossed for the 90 million lotto Im in with tonight with the girls.Sorry theres not much travel stuff mainly personal I do miss my mates.Bye for now x