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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009

Location: Coolangatta

MapHi We have been putting off leaving here first because Dale was a bit sick qnd now because its just so lovely here.Have been camping here with Ross and Avis and Geof and Sue are still here from NZ.Ross went back as Avis had to work(ended up not doing so as she got crook as well )so we spent yesterday with Sue and Geof.Went to Jupiters and took the monorail over to the shops where we had a lovely day out.Called in to see Jack and Shirley only they were out.Drove all around the bay did some essential shopping and then decided not to go home but go to the club Twin Cities for dinner.Dale won on the pokies he was having a ball ( if I hadnt seen it with my own eyes woukldnt have believed it !!)
It is so civilised over here having all the wonderful clubs where people meet up have extremely reasonable meals of all sorts.Different prices and lots of bargains !!
I just know that Jayne would be loving this.At Jupiters lunch is two for one on Mondays !!!!!Cost us $8.00 for a bangers and mash and seafood basket with Dale having a dessert !!! Unreal eh.
Janne said shes taking Carolyne to the footy on Sat- - - I am in two minds about winning as tanking seems to be more the go at this stage still whatever.
The weather is gorgeous again no sleeved tops are the go !!!!No wonder we dont want to leave.The break will do us good.
Geof and Sue fly out tonight but I have a distinct feeling that they will be back !!!!They love it here.Surfers is just so much nicer than Brisbane I can see why everyone comes here.