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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009

Location: Coolangatta Still

MapHi Yes we are still here !!!! Tomorrow Dale is doing something to the Patrol and then Friday morning we are off heading to Canberra to see Denise annd Jacko- - - they must think we are never coming.
Last night it was just lovely to get a call from Craig (mothers just love that sort of stuff !!!)He sounds as chirpy as usual.Was lovely to hear from him as always.
Today we went up to Tamborine Mountain gosh the road up was terrifying cant say that the girl who hates heights liked it !!!!
We visited the glow worm cave which was just fascinating we loved it 10 out of 10.The roads up there were quite busy for the middle of the week.We also visited vineyards and cheese factory.
We also lunched up there.The coffee was the best we have had for ages.Brought some wine at one of the vineyards two reds and a bottle for my sister-in- laws 50th !!!!
Came back and went to the club for dinner.Just lovely driving home smelling all the tantalising smells,seeing people out on the side walks eating at all hours and enjoying life.Such a laid back lifestyle.
Would have loved to have taken Chanelle to see the glow worms the kids there just loved it and were all so well behaved.
going up the mountain a lot of the cars were struggling (mostly fords of cause !!)Met some lovely people from Victoria who had hired what they called a bomb a ford fiesta and they said the hire firms are all robbers as getting a hire car here is near on impossible- so people of cause pay- -- - -Could be an opening here if any ones interested !!!!
Im a bit worried that Dales still not 100% but of course hes denying it ???/ Men !!!!
Well must get him a coffee Bye for now xx