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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Friday, 31 Jul 2009

Location: South West Rocks

MapHi after leaving Coolangatta we headed off down the Pacific Highway towards Sydney.As we got down the highway we had our first glimpse of sugar cane.It was lovely to see all the sugar cane fields and after a while we came across a place called Broadwater Mill which had huge smoke billowing out its chimneys and it was pure white and you could actually smell the cane- - -great how life is one big learning process isnt it ??
The road was just so smooth and a pleasure to drive on with different things to see all the time.Tunnels,cute bridges and rivers and waterways everywhere.We also saw bananas growing up the sides of hills and all around Coffs Harbour.Didnt know they grew in NSW = = = = see more learning !!!!!They had them for sale by the road but they were as green as !! probably would have ripened in time to hand them over in Ceduna !!!!! at the border .
Carolyne rang last night and Jayne today.Had a couple of messages from Cheryl- - - -thats the only thing I do miss my friends.
Heard that Jill R had her hospital visit I do send my love to you Jill and hope that all is well again.
Dale has gone fishing as a guy talked him into it - - good for him as fishing relax's one.The river here is just idyllic smooth and shimmers like a mirror that has been cleaned.I am not holding my breath and Im cooking chicken.Down the road there are oyster farms- -didnt know they were here either - -- - See more learning !! They are for sale $7.90 a doz yum guess who wants some !!Well might make the most of this quiet time and read my book. Bye for now x