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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Aug 2009

Location: Canberra

MapWhat a cold place although it has been a lovely day.We stayed off at South West Rocks where Dale didnt do any good fishing apparently the big ones were caught the day before !!!
The GPS did its job well and we managed to bypass Sydney and head on down and up huge mountainous roads.I felt sorry for our poor Patrol it truely is an amazing workhorse lugging our van up and down mountains !!!
We stayed overnight in a stop off bay which was quite cosy as we were so tired didnt want to go any further.In the morning we had other vans and campers besides us.
We set off early and stopped at McDonalds for breakfast along the way along with scores of others on their way to the ski and snowfields.We rang Jacko and he was there waiting for us at the turnoff.It was lovely to see them again .Poor Denise is having shocking trouble with her hip and is awaiting an replacement the poor thing.- - - - It didnt stop her cooking scones for us on arrival and a lovely huge roast meal.Dale drank quite a lot and was delighted watching the Eagles win.Talked to both Paul and Carolyne who were is great spirits especially Caro who went to the game with Janne.
Today we went into Canberra for a preliminary look around as tomorrow we go on our own.
Denise and I and little Harry went to see Cockington Green Gardens which were so lovely.They are all english and they have recreated in miniture gardens,houses,cricket pitches,golf greens,castles railways you name it its all there in immaculate detail right down to a guy sitting in an outhouse reading the paper !!! - - - -We even had a train ride through it all. The gardens are just amazing (you all know how much I adore flowers !!)
The new part shows replicas of all famous events and places on an international scale - - - even the Waitangi house in NZ where the treaty was signed in 1840.Its excellent and well worth the visit.
On arrival at home Jacko cooked beautiful steaks for tea.I am so much in love with their fire- - - -its lovely to have natural heat.We sat and had a couple of drinks and a relaxing night by the fire.