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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Aug 2009

Location: Canberra

MapToday I did some washing and then we went into town to see the war Memorial my goodness it took hours .Its just amazing and so extensive and informative.All up it takes hours to look.I was most interested in the 1st ww as they had it just so hard (not that any war has it easy !)but things were so primitive and so cruel.As a woman I found it more interesting seeing the female exploits and was particularly upset with 23 nurse being massacred at Blanko which must be near Singapore -- - fancy killing nurses who were trying to heal and provide some sort of comfort to the poor beggars.Dale was more interested in the flying and areoplanes which I found a bit boring - - - - guess Im more of an army person!
The whole display and museum is certainly a credit to those who put it all together and there were so many onlookers and pleasing to see so many schools there as while we remember them we will be better people.
Jayne has us in tonights oz lotto so have my fingers crossed (once again !)Still you have to be in it to win it Ha.