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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Aug 2009

Location: Melbourne

MapHi We made it to Melbourne !!!We stayed overnight after leaving from Canberra at Benalla which is a lovely little Victorian town.
We were sad to leave Denise and Jacko who spoilt us rotten the whole time that we there with them.It was great to catch up with them and see their town of Canberra for ourselves.It is a very new looking city with a temperature that goes under the thermometer during the nights with sunny cold days.
I was so disapointed that The Lodge is so boring looking and hardly fit for any of our PM,s to live in.The embassys residences from overseas countries on the other hand are very impressive.
Jacko is still training his greyhounds and poor Denise is badly needing another hip replacement not that its stopping her from work or minding gorgeous young Harry(love his name).I am looking forward to seeing them again already.
The chinese restuarant is 100% better in Canberra than the shocker we all went to in Kalgoorlie a year ago and at that time Jacko promised to take us to his one day and being a man of his word _-----he did! !!
Great to see normal footy ovals again and the News etc all proper footy !!!
Had a phone call from Caro on the way down which was spooky as we were just talking about her then spooky today Paul messaged as I was talking about him !!!!
I often think of winning lotto but they dont ring !!!!!
Tomorrow its on the tram and off to the footy so bye for now