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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009

Location: Melbourne

MapWell we have been in Melbourne and its been busy busy.
We went to see the Eagles at Ethiad Stadium and were just so thrilled when they actually won the game and beat the Western Bulldogs.It was amazing.Took Jackos dog and it won its the most Ive ever bet at the TAB!! Lucky it won !! Dale did the time keeping at trials with Jacko so we were keen to watch.Jacko looked quite cool on TV with his dog getting in the box.
Subi also won on Saturday so quite a good day.Dale got 3 and the supp in lotto as well.
On Sunday we went to the MCG to see Benny in his 250th but it was freezing and a dreadful game.
Carolyne and Jayne both rang and even Amanda rang and texted to tell me she had paid in her board (very nice the way we have been spending !!!!!)
Yesterday we went over to Jayco to get a few things for the caravan and Dale got the water pump replaced by them even though the van is out of warranty.We looked at the new vans but I love our van and the thought of changing doesnt really appeal.
We went on the toll road and Dale feels ripped off (broken record stuff !!!) You would think we were the only people who have ever paid a toll !!!! - - - - -Thats one thing about W.A. we dont have to pay any tolls there.
Ross rang last night and told me that I have to continue writing !!! I didnt know that it was that interesting so will keep it up until we arrive home.
Today Dale felt lazy so he stayed home while I shopped.I got two new pairs of jeans and a new handbag which I just love.I enjoyed my day and think Dale loved the rest - - - - -from me probably !!!! (God he sounds like an old man !!!)
Well tomorrow its on the tram and in to the city bye for now