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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Aug 2009

Location: Melbourne

MapWell changed our minds about leaving today as we can watch the Eagles while we are still here as they are on Foxtel.
Today we went shopping and did some buying up for presents we are needing to get. Dale went home to watch a movie while I went on the tram to the city and looked at shops and just soaked in the atmosphere of being in Melbourne.
The weather is bitterly cold and yet during the day the sun shines.It is such a cosmopolitan kind of place which increases its appeal with all the diverse resturants cropping up because of this.
Naturally all the football news appeals and there are several newspapers to buy not just the one as in Perth.
Heard from Amanda today and Barry.Jill sent a nice newsy email its good to know shes back on deck again.
Brought some feta olives and lovely cheese from the Victoria markets today still cant believe just how ripped off we are in Perth with prices- - -doesnt seem fair !!