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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Aug 2009

Location: Wycheproof

MapHa what a name this place has !!!!
We left Melbourne this morning after a quick dash to Aldi's and the bank.We made a good exit with the van from the city and Dale was glad to leave but Maureen quite sad !!!!I do love Melbourne.
The countryside today was just so pretty and green with hills and valleys and the Calder Highway is a pleasure to travel on.Vic roads do it well - - - - great signing and beautiful roads.
we pulled into this dear little town after travelling via Bendigo which seems a nice town and has a beautiful church dominating the whole town.
The park we are in tonight has some lovely people all travelling in different directions.I made chicken snitzels for dinner complete with silverbeet,pumpkin and mashed pototoes (I can hear Caro's yuk from here !!).Dale is reading (yes reading ) a book.Im thrilled have finally got him reading!!!!!He's enjoying it as well which is even better.
Found I had left my phone at home yesterday so missed Jaynes call, otherwise havent heard from anyone since our Eagles win.Hope that Im not forgotten.Im not sure who actually reads this page as the number of times visited is 499 but I certainly dont get messages from them ????????
Went for a walk and the smell of newly mown grass and all the smells and aromas coming from the vans feels so comforting- - - I do so love this life on the road.Better stop rambling bye for now Me x
I did get Gregs message but wasnt too happy with that one !!!!!!!