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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Aug 2009

MapWell today we crossed the border into South Australia and we have pulled up at Overlander Hotel at a reserve for parking and fishing to spend the night.There are several other vans here as well. Dale is trying his luck fishing !! Isnt it lucky that I still have some chicken snitzel left to cook !!!!! At the border they took my potatoes and pumpkin - - - I didnt have much and if I hadnt been honest (he didnt even check the van) but I am honest so handed them over.I dont want to be the one responsible for infecting SA !!!! He probably took them home for his tea as they were lovely potatoes from the Victoria Markets.
On the way here we stopped and took photos at a place called Red Cliffs of "Big Lizzie" My immediate family will laugh at this with Lizzie being my nickname !!! Big Lizzie is an 1916 version of a heavy hauling semi with the strangest looking wheels ever.When I do the photos you will see what I mean.Had quite an early night.