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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Aug 2009

Location: Port Augusta

MapWe left the Overlander Hotel reserve and drove about 1/2 an hour to a dear little place in the heart of the Riverland district where the Murray River twists its way all over the district.There are several locks and the small town that we stopped in was Morgan.Even though I loathe to say it the place is even nicer than Euchuca and certainly warmer.
I find it hard to put into words it was so peaceful and quaint.
A ferry service was smoothly running back and forth taking cars and caravans over the river without any noise or fuss just diligently doing their job providing a wonderful service.The kookaburras were singing and the houseboats were proudly lined up along the river about 30-49 I would hazard to guess.Its probably viewed as being close to heaven.!!!!Dale wanted to stay but we had only travelled so little we pushed on.Its certainly in the memory bank marked for a future visit.
We arrived in Port Augusta and I went to the nearby shops for some excerise as I also felt headachy and certainly hot.We are both back in summer clothes !!!!.
Dale has certainly turned into Mr Bookworm !!!!!
Tomrrow we head of again in fact we are still connected to the van.Bye for now - - - Me