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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Aug 2009

Location: Streaky Bay

MapHave arrived in Streaky Bay and like before not impressive.Last visit weeks go with Cheryl and John it was blowing a gale and today just rain.Looks more like Bleaky Bay !!!Dale has said dont think he'll visit again which is a shame as he was so looking forward to Streaky Bay before we all left Perth which seems a life time ago.Rang Caro last night she's sick as well.I prescribe a holiday for her.
Chatted to Amanda last night and she rang Lois for me as shes been sick so Im hoping she will be a lot better when we get home.They put her into Charlies thinking she had swine flu but it wasnt.Dale rang John yesterday and he was at golf so he chatted to Cheryl.Ross rang me this morning and we had a chat- - - he seems to be settling in his new job okay.
Tonight had a dozen oysters for dinner ( I think Anthea put the idea into my head !!)Dale had whiting.It was lovely not to cook for a change.I do miss Denise and Jacko for that as well as didnt cook the whole time we were in Canberra.
We will look around here tomorrow and hope that the weather improves.