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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Aug 2009

Location: Ceduna

MapArrived in Ceduna quite early and its nice and sunny here and Dale says more civilised !!(that means you can get footy on foxtel !!!!)
Talked to a maori guy today at the servo hes driving Perth -Sydney return.We leave for Perth tomorrow and he leaves now and will arrive in Perth at 7am tomorrow morning !!There are two drivers and they only stop for petrol and a shower and we wont get there until Wed !!!Mind you we are taking it easy I guess.
Went down to the oyster place and brought 4 dozen oysters to take back to Perth- - - - the freezer is full.Greg and Jo and Craig and Toni will probably join us to eat them !!!!That is if they make it back to Perth ! Ha.Dont worry guys they will.