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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Aug 2009

Location: Ceduna

MapGlad to hear from Jill R shes sounding more perky,Had so many emails nearly all junky stuff boy my footy tips were the pits.I do better in NRL tipping than AFL !!!!
Dale cooked usthe whiting for dinner that we got today and I had 6 oysters after the guy giving me 3 for nothing as he shucked them didnt have the whole doz tonight.We now have 5 doz to bring home !1Heard from Cheryl today as well shes got Stevo and John sick- - -sounds like all Perth is sick !!!.
We looked around town today they have a big salt factory here and seems like a big concern.
Its a bit dead on Sundays at least the oyster man was open!The houses arent that nice and the cemetary is massive ???/Dont know that thats a good sign !!!!!
Hope Corene and Caro are on the improve .Hope so. Im off to bed.Nite.