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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Aug 2009

Location: Eucla W.A.

MapWe have finally reached the border of Western Australia after 500 plus k,s of straight boring endless driving!!! We were up early this am so decided to get moving early.We passed through the immigration border into W.A. and struck a really nice friendly inspector who was more interested in chatting.All went well.
We stopped at the Nullabor Station for lunch and had a famous Burger from there. Bet John and Cheryl are jealous !!!John loves them. That part of Aussie is so desolate that we saw not even any animal life except a couple of crows- - - not even any dead roos on the road.It will be different tomorrow !!
We leave in the morning heading to Balladonia for the next night and will have no coverage for phones or laptops .
Had a call from Caro and Jayne and I have been messaging so much we may as well have spoken !!!!.
My bookworm is at it again complete with a block of chocolate !!!!
Greg rang as well all happy with his bargain and made me laugh- -- - he was told at Rick Harts if he'd said he was a docker could have got it cheaper he replied I'd rather pay full price than say that - - - Im glad hes my brother !!!!!.
Have special thoughts for Margaret today xx Mags