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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Aug 2009

Location: Nearly Home

MapLast night we stayed at Balladonia and had uneventful trip except saw a gorgeous mother emu cross the road with about 5 or 6 chicks what a cute sight they made and of couse crossed before I grabbed the camera !!! They sure can move.We stopped at the camping ground which was so full by dusk its hard to believe.There are so many campers out here doing their thing.
Tonight Dale is getting out his Cobb cooker to do the steaks- - - - about time !! It was his birthday present from his beloved !!He saw a couple from Queensland use theirs last night so he got keen again.The couple from Queensland are in a huge van called Magnifique and it surely is - - - - - it is being pulled by a V W Toureq (I think thats how its spelt )
Had a lovely email from Jill R its great hearing from her - - -shes a great boss.
Good to hear that Big Hoser won Denise that will give you a couple of pleasant days from the old boy !!!
Amanda was going to cook dinner this evening but as we are taking longer she will do it tomorrow- - - - I bet she .sbeen doing some frantic cleaning !!!!!
I am so peaceful here the birds are singing Dales reading and having a beer and this park is filling up - - -its a free 48 hour park and its becoming like Flinders Station. Tomorrow we will be home about lunchtime.signing off before my batteries beat me !!!