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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Jul 2014

Location: Geraldton

MapWell dramas with the wiring to our fridge.We were cruising along the highway when Dale noticed the fuel gauge clicked empty and then a dreadful burning smell. Hell !! We pulled over and the wiring to the fridge from the car to the van had simply melted !! Lucky we stopped as no damage to the Patrol (tough old girl ! )
Dale pulled it out and after consulting Stevo decided to keep going to Geraldton where we purchased what was needed for repairs. That was a drama "ripped off " moaned Dale "You can stick these thieving country towns !! "
Of course all of us that know Dale can imagine the scene !!!!!
Hes outside repairing now apparently it was his fault and yes he owned up to that !!
I am cooking chops ,roast spuds,pumpkin and peas so that will make him happier xx
This is all part of lifes tapestry so we shall see what tomorrow brings as we take ourselves further North. Amanda has been great doing my jobs I requested -- Thanks Mand. xx Now I know Chanelle will be happy for her birthday.Well better go as have to make the gravy Missing my buddies x