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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Jul 2014

Location: Murchison

MapWell I woke at dawn to check my leaving salary --- Oh dear big disappointment --nothing. I rang my sister and she fixed it all Thanks Carolyne Im now with money in the bank !!!
We left Geraldton and went as far as the Murchison river where we have camped in a gorgeous spot by the river. There are about 50 vans.poptops and RV vehicles here.
The night air is filled with the smoke from fires and tantalising cooking smells and the gentle hum of generators all making for an idyllic lifestyle. The nice red wine is a great help to relax one as well. Dale likes nothing better than sitting by a fire with a comforting drink.
We shall have a nice early night and tomorrow its on the road or maybe staying. Who knows such decisions--- Love it x Nite for now x