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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Jul 2014

Location: Minilya River

MapWell we haven't made too much progress and were out of internet coverage for a couple of days it seems.
We have finally reached warm weather and we pulled in at this lovely spot with quite a few campers here so decided to stay here. On waking up this morning with no plans decided to stay another night and take it easy. The huge road trains heading up north never seem to stop. I can see them all going past as I sit here. The football has been amazing this weekend with some strange results that's for sure.
Ive now sorted out my clothes and all the winter clothes are packed away and im now sitting here in a short sleeved top and shorts bloody wonderful after all the cold weather we have had. Dales out chatting with some fellow caravaners--- there are so many on the road that's for sure.
Had a phone call from brother Geof today rom NZ seems funny him so far away ,us in the middle of nowhere with an excellent connection----- thanks technology x
Better go and start our evening meal Bye till next time xx