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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Jul 2014

Location: Robe River

MapWe woke this morning Oh its Monday and No work wah how wonderful !
Up and had poached eggs for brekky then set off towards Karratha and decided to stop at the free camp at Robe River stop off. there are about 15 other caravans etc. The people are just sitting around resting and very happy to chat.
The bridge is opposite and I can see road trains again only most of them now have the 3 trailers so are quite huge.They seem to just keep coming !
The gum trees are lovely providing shade and that authentic aussie style outback look.God its peaceful.
Yesterday had a chat with Cheryl and John on viber and then Carolyne and I nearly used up my phone til it was nearly flat !!
Dale is now putting up the TV so now it will be Coro St goody hate missing that !!
Nothing much to say really its still difficult getting used to no rules and not being aware of time but Im coping !!!