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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Jul 2014

Location: Port Samson

MapLeft Robe river free camp today and headed to Roebourne to the tourist centre and filled up with water and got a couple of postcards. Decided to go to Port Samson as the guy that retired same day as Dale came from there.
What a hidden gem is this place we liked it so much decided to stay a couple of days. Had a chat with Paul this am and had calls from Greg then Ross.Lovely to hear from them-- fond of my brothers.
We went for a walk along the foreshore and this really is such a quaint place and is really close to Wickham. We drove past the new Roebourne gaol its a bit scary but so flash as the last gaol we looked at was Kereboken in Bali !!!! just a bit different !
after the walk went back had a read then a couple of drinks and had one of my pre prepared stews -----very nice and so easy.
oh dear will have to do some washing tomorrow .Im running around in one of my Bali dresses today as its so warm and Dale is in a singlet {eagles one} and his shorts. Met some nice people n the way and its funny how we are seeing the same vans on and off along the way.
My turn to make supper so will say nite nite Bye for now xxxx