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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014

Location: Port S amson

MapYes we are still here have decided to stay a few days and have a little seaside holiday! we feel so contented here and enjoying the sunshine and warmth. We wandered up to the pub and and got a takeaway fishermans basket for dinner----it was delicious.
Earlier changed the sheets on the bed to summer ones and did so much washing and cleaning felt like a domestic goddess that's for sure.

Happy Birthday Chanelle xx

Was simply delighted to see Chanelle got her birthday present today and she looks so cute in it. Hard to believe shes nearly a teenager!!! so happy it fitted as well. Lisa is such a great mum.
Dale and Craig had a chat today and thank goodness his lip seems to have healed okay.
Its good to have uncle Jack and Diane on board I had messages from you both today.
Oh well Dales gone to bed so I will do some reading as Im into quite a good book--- yes I again have remembered the luxury of reading a book !
nite nite xx