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Maureen and Dale’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Jul 2014

Location: Point Samson, Australia

MapWe were out today and noticed that this place is called Point Samson !!!! not Port.Today we set off to do a little fishing and it was just glorious sitting there in the sun. I started off fishing but kept getting caught on the bottom so gave up and watched Dale, he caught a small bream which made him happy but then he had bait pinchers so we only stayed a couple of hours.
While sitting there I heard this rustle in the mangroves leapt up thinking it was a croc !! While leaping caught my ley and grazed it with the broken oyster shells on the rocks I must add it was a bit painful.
Its Leah's birthday today what a month. Hope she had a great night.
We have been told about another spot so will try that tomorrow.
Talked to Geof on the phone today hes happy as he has Bridgette visiting him.
Oh well better sign out feel tired all this relaxation lifestyle is so tiring xx